APIAA is the central repository for PIA Education and Training Resources in Australasia.
Our purpose is to enable specific Australasian PIA training to be delivered by local champions.

MasterClassing for PIA Assessors, Reviewers & other Stakeholders

A Course is being held to up-skill current accredited Assessors in the UE; LE and Spine. It also doubles as an updating course for Reviewers and the opportunity for other Stakeholders to air their Issues.


It will be conducted in Broome in Western Australia on 3rd to 5th June 2018 at Cable Beach in the Kimberley Sands Conference centre.


Australia’s pre-eminent authority in AMA5, Dwight Dowda, will host the Training along with key Trainers from other Jurisdictions. With suitable sponsor support we may be able to get the notable speaker from USA, Chris Brigham, to spend the days with us.


This Course is also designed to meet a Train-the-Trainer role so that this higher level of expertise can be more easily spread across Australian jurisdictions for those involved in Trainings.

As most jurisdictions involve AMA5 use, the trainings will be focused on that Guide with the local State Guides application.

Other Body Part masterclassing will depend on the level of interest generated by those wishing to participate.


The Conference site has been selected to maximise time with the Trainers and other colleagues in a relaxed collegiate atmosphere that will foster ample opportunities for interaction, problem-solving and discussion.

We look forward to your registering an interest in participating as a presenter, participant or sponsor.


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It will be a not-for-profit event with all expenditure and costs designed to maximise the educational experience for the participants.


The objectives of this Training are to:-

  1. Increase PIA knowledge;
  2. Improve application of current and new PIA knowledge;
  3. Enhance presentation skills;
  4. Establish, nurture and maintain networks in the PIA arena for Trainers and Reviewers;
  5. Establish the framework for PIA Training in Australia by local champions.


John Cross APIAA April 2018

Come and see what the consensus is on around any ambivalent or ambiguous areas in the Body Regions.


Currently the registration fee is $1900 ex GST which includes accommodation for 2people for the 3 nights. Reasonably priced accommodation is difficult at this time so commit early to avoid disappointment.


ONLY 5 ROOMS left at VENUE great value and expensive elsewhere if you do not act NOW.


John is an Occ Physician and works in many other aspects of Medicine:-rural ED locum; educator; reviewer; assessor and PIA trainer.

Apart from the APIAA web (www.apiaa.org) and the PIAT website and (https://www.piat.online/) you can also see what he does at AMPHEat. (www.ampheat.com.au)


If there anything is else you need to know re the Masterclass please contact me on mobile 0407 988 498 or my email




Be swept away and come to Broome


$1900 for Registration and 3 nights’ accommodation with all meals provided for Registrants.

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